One of My Girls Got Cheated On & Her Revenge Body is Everything

True story! This is one of my girls. I have known her for an eternity! She recently got blindsided by her man. He cheated. No need to get into details because moving forward is the only way to go. I just wanted to give her a very worthy spotlight today.

She had a slew of crazy medical issue some years ago that put her body through the ringer. After the recent relationship BS, she's has been doubling down on her revenge body and she looks SO SIC! I had to show her off. Now, she's always been beautiful inside and out, but dang.

This woman always helps other woman and I mean always. She isn't materialistic. SHE'S AN INCREDIBLE MOTHER! She's not greedy. She drops everything for her friends, like me when I need some hella make up glam session for something last minute. She is a great human and those are hard to come by these days. I'm just proud of her for so many reasons and that's it. That's the blog. KEEP INSPIRING US SISTER!


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I even did a soothing podcast to give you a little more insight & tell my story. (scroll down)