The Story of My Grandfathers on D Day

This day in 1944, one grandfather, who was part of the British Intelligence effort during the 2nd World War, stormed the beaches at Normandy. Elsewhere, my other grandfather flew his Gruman Avenger into battle as a United States Naval Aviator.

They fought for freedom, came home, raised families, succeeded in businesses, built homes with their own bare hands, and did more with their lives before they were 40 than I can imagine I'll ever do with mine.

Both were humble to a fault.

You'd never hear them speak of their heroism in the war or of their achievements afterwards.

Both were kind, charitable people who were generous without question. Both genuinely cared for their fellow countrymen.

They cared for the ones they knew as well as the strangers.

Their kindness of heart and spirit was unconditional.

Never once did I see them dismiss another person or act as though their many achievements and acts of valor made them any different or more significant than anyone else.

They looked for opportunities to give and to help.

They truly were part of the greatest generation.

These men who were willing to lay down their lives for all of our freedom gained a perspective that too often eludes us today.

They realized that we are all in it together.

They realized that in times of war...and in times of peace they wanted to look out for their countrymen and allies.

Today, I honor and remember them not only by saying thank you, but also by trying to uphold the values they stood for and remembering what they never forgot........

that we are all on the same side.


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