This Week's Weird News

A Japanese man who stole a jaw-dropping number of bicycle seats, a possible Bigfoot print found in North Carolina, and a real estate company that performed 'paranormal inspections' of their properties are among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

As always seems to be the case on the march towards Halloween, ghosts and hauntings have once again grabbed hold of the zeitgeist, popping up in several rather strange news stories. This week, we learned about how libraries in North Carolina keep losing the same book about haunted locations to stinky-fingered thieves, a school in Ghana that shut down due to a ghost sighting, and a real estate company that had 'paranormal inspections' performed at all of its homes.

The past week featured a pair of stories centered around puzzling possible evidence for some very curious creatures. In Thailand, a pair of fishermen captured footage of a weird mystery animal seemingly swimming alongside their boat. The oddity appeared to resemble either a turtle or a seal, though neither suspect quite fit the 'monster' that can be seen in the video. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, an electrician working at a residence was left scratching his head when he spotted some enormous footprints that had him wondering if Bigfoot may be lurking in the area.

By far the most bizarre story this past week came by way of Japan, where a man who had his bicycle seat stolen responded to the incident in a rather surprising manner. Enraged at a society in which such petty crimes can be allowed to occur, Akio Hatori decided to become a bicycle seat thief himself and wound up stealing a whopping 159 of the essential accessories over the last few months. When finally caught by authorities and asked why he went on the weird criminal rampage, he ruefully explained that "I wanted other people to feel what I had gone through and I stole the seats as a form of revenge."

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