This Week's Weird News

A forthcoming Flat Earth cruise, new developments in the search for ET life, and an eerie image captured by a home security system were among the strange and unusual stories to cross our desk this week.

The topic of possible intelligent extraterrestrial life out in space appeared in the news this week by way of a pair of intriguing stories from dramatically different perspectives. First, SETI unveiled a new online database which tracks all of the various attempts made by astronomers to locate signs of alien life and provided a stark reminder of just how exhaustive the quest has been over the last few decades. Later in the week, an astronomer from Harvard doubled down on his assertion that the mysterious interstellar object known as Oumuamua could be alien in nature and argued for a more rigorous approach to looking for possible 'dead' ET craft throughout the universe.

An amazing potential ghost picture appeared online this week courtesy of a mother in Atlanta who believes that her home security system photographed the spirit of her late son. Jennifer Hodge could not believe her eyes when a motion-activated camera in her kitchen was triggered by what it thought was an intruder and snapped an image of the scene. Much to her amazement, the photo showed a rather distinct figure standing in the room and it bore an uncanny resemblance to her son who had passed away two years ago. Chillingly, when Hodge and her daughter went to investigate the situation, there was no one there.

This past week, we learned that we may have a new moon hoax on our hands as an anomaly hunter studying images from China's celebrated Chang'e 4 landing spotted something rather suspicious. Indefatigable UFO researcher Scott C. Waring was intrigued when he noticed an odd white line in front of the Chinese rover and suggested that this was an indication that the entire mission was an elaborate ruse.  

On a similarly fantastic note, the controversial Flat Earth conspiracy popped up in the news again this week with the announcement that there will be a cruise for fans of the infamous idea next year. Snickering skeptics were quick to point out a rather ironic aspect of the planned event in that nautical charts and navigational tools reflect that the Earth is round and not flat. While this may be disappointing to some advocates for the Flat Earth, at least they can rest easy knowing that they probably won't sail over the edge of the planet.

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