The Most Stuf Oreos Are Officially Here & They're Gigantic

If you've ever eaten an Orea and thought to yourself "definitely needs more cream," then I have some good news for you. Oreo released it's newest cookie, The Most Stuf, on Thursday (Jan. 18) and they're gigantic. Truly, these Oreos must be seen to be believed. It's officially official: Double Stuffed Oreos are out and The Most Stuf Oreos are in. 

So, what exactly are The Most Stuf Oreos? Well, they're classic Oreos taken to a whole new level. While Double Stuff added a little bit more cream to the original recipe, The Most Stuff is really packing on the tasty cream those who prefer the "stuf" to the actual cookie. Here's a photo from Instagram account Muchie Bunchie, who was able to get her hands on a package (make sure you swipe for photos of the actual cookie): 

"These are so fat!! You gotta be that person that eats the creme by itself to enjoy these.. It’s so much that after only 2 or 3 cookies and you’re tapped out," Munchie Bunchie enthusiastically reviewed The Most Stuf. "Super sweet..I’m sure you can imagine! But no one is ever complaining about too much oreo stuf! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Highly recommend if you love the stuf!"

Another Instagram account, Cravings Hunter, shared a photo of The Most Stuf, as well. This Instagram user found the cookies at Rite Aid for $3 a package. 

Sadly, The Most Stuf is limited edition, so, make sure you pick up these gigantic Oreos while you have the chance!

Photo: Getty

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